Thursday, October 15, 2009

Paint Schemes

This weekend's race(s) at Lowe's Motor Speedway should be exciting - both Nationwide and Cup. My boys are racing in both - Tony doesn't often do that - and I am proud of him for continuing to support Morgan Shepherd. Tony has a lot of respect for the older drivers who are often forgotten, and he doesn't make a big deal of buying Shepherd tires or sponsoring him under his track, Eldora. If you didn't look for the sponsors and if you didn't know that Tony owns Eldora, you would never know. Paint schemes for this weekend involve breast cancer awareness/cure and Transformers, along with some good old fashioned cereals. I still send my brother Booberry cereal, which he can't get in his current home, Colorado Springs. Clint Bowyer (33) will be wearing a Count Chocula firesuit. Fine family fun!


Hit 40 said...

I like the purple car with the 18 on it!! I always thought I could race until your post about the freaking drag? or something. I thought all you had to do to actually win was drive really fast with some serious aggressiveness. You know that I always win at chicken. Bummer that it takes more than having no fear of death!!

otin said...

LOL Hit 40 is so not a Nascar fan! hahaha! "I like the pretty car" hahahaha!!!