Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Library Bookdrops

Items found in library bookdrops, not necessarily where I work (although I have seen some here) - compiled from a listserv:
cheese slice as a bookmark
used condoms
condoms still in package
pot leaves drying in books
cash inside books
cotton balls
live duck
live cat
dirty diapers
vomit in a bag
soft tacos
spray paint can
bottle of vodka, half full
dead bird
pizza, in box
melted ice cream cone
live mouse
used tampons and pads
fried chicken
baby bottles
cans of beer
Our bookdrop was recently the victim of a vehicular incident. I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself. Patrons are not happy that they have to actually park and walk up to the building to put their materials in the drop attached to the building, or bring them in to the desk. Life is hard, I know.


otin said...

Well, with the used Tampons and pads, I guess we know why the condoms were still in the package!

Brian Miller said...

oh this is just wrong on so many levels...lol.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Ohhhhh some people are just disgusting, aren't they? :)

Ace said...

How foul!! People are just gross and freaking lazy.