Thursday, December 17, 2009

Real Simple Randomness

Gift suggestions in Real Simple magazine, which is a lot of fun and since we have it here at work, free. Lots of practical tips, along with some interesting strangeness, which I will impart here.

Nut conversation pieces - chalky white ceramic bits that look like male body parts rather than walnuts. Oh, maybe they do look like walnuts. Speaking of those parts, my fat cat has a belly pouch that feels just like one. I tried to describe it to my daughter without actually describing it as such and had trouble. The ex-husband found it highly amusing, and she was confused.

Pool ball wine stoppers. ??

Root liquor

Bacon jam - I love bacon but huh?

Driving past one of the bigger churches in downtown Akron - a sign with an arrow pointing towards their parking lot - "H1N1 Parking." I know that it is for the immunizations, but it just looked a bit goofy.


Brian Miller said...

bacon jam...yick!

otin said...

Bacon Jam sounds like a sexual move! LMAO!!

darsden said...

LOL BoyS!!!

Merry Christmas and have a Very Blessed New Year