Thursday, August 20, 2009

NASCAR Sponsors

This post was inspired by Michel, who was excited to see that Little Debbie is a NASCAR sponsor. You would be surprised by who is a sponsor of NASCAR and/or specific drivers/teams . . .

Mars (as in the candy company - so M&Ms, Mars bars, etc. - official chocolate of NASCAR)
Kellogg's (official breakfast food of NASCAR)
Nabisco (they are the official cookies and crackers of NASCAR)
Prilosec (the official heartburn remedy of NASCAR)
Tissot (the official timekeeper and watch of NASCAR)
Taco Bell
Long John Silver's
Great Clips
Dollar General
Beringer Vineyards
U.S. Border Patrol
Dr. Pepper/Snapple
Holiday Inn
several casinos and resorts
And, of course - Coca Cola, Budweiser, Crown Royal, Jim Beam, Miller Light, Budweiser, Jack Daniels, Red Bull, and Coors Light.
This is not an all-inclusive list - just a few of the more interesting ones.
I can't belive Eileen is not a dollar store treasure hunter - they are way fun and not only can you find good deals, but cool fun stuff that you won't find anywhere else. Take my dinosaur hat, for instance - and it is my hat, not my daughter's, although I did let her wear it when we got home. I was the one who wore it throughout the store and didn't take it off at the register - the cashier just scanned the label off my head.


Pastor Sharon said...

I'll be rooting for the Prilosec car during the next Brickyard 400! Does it race in the Brickyard? If so, I may even go watch it! It's 20 minutes from home!

Hit 40 said...

We need to go shopping! I could definitely see you lowering you head to be scanned.

No Prozac sponsors? Viagra? Incontinence medicine?

Otin said...

I don't need no stinkin drugs!

darsden said...

You forgot the National Guard sponsors too :-) and then there is Rainbow Jeff Gordon he has about a thousand sponsors..LOL I like the Prilosec car myslef because it's purple! Pastor Sharon talking that's funny right there, I don't care who you are..

I love the dollar about pickin up a bunch of crap I mean stuff for the kids!! YOU can't beat it when you have a party to throw down and need paper plates and cups and all the other stuff... oh and if you need plastic flowers...(hey we could mail some to Michel to go with her plastic buckets) they are the place to buy the plastic flowers... :-))

Medora said...

I sure didn't forget National Guard - the Army sponsors Ryan Newman, too, and the Navy, Air Force, and Marines have all been sponsors - I was just trying to list some peeps that may be a surprise to people. I think I have a disclaimer that says it is not inclusive - I love Jeff Burton's purple Prilosec car, too - Burton is a good man, great driver.

As far as Viagra goes - they did sponsor Mark Martin's car a few years back. They don't sponsor anyone full time, but I wouldn't count them out for another part time gig. NASCAR races are always full of dorky Viagra commercials. My son loves them - and my dad is embarrassed by them.