Friday, August 7, 2009

Old Guy T-Shirts

An older gentleman approached the circ desk this morning - he's a regular, always smiling, harmless flirting with us girls, it's cute and fun - wearing a t-shirt that said "Wanna Play Army? I'll Lay Down and You Can Blow Me." I asked him to come closer so I could read it. He giggled and turned red, and I read it out loud. I stood there speechless for a moment afterwards, and then started cracking up. I told him it took a lot of nerve to wear that, and I thought he was very brave. He was proud of himself after that, and smiled as he strutted through the building to grab a newspaper. I love old guys.

My boy Tony is going to rock the Glen this weekend. Last week's race sucked big time - Tony's car was a problem; his tenth place finish was a nightmare, although he successfully defended his first place standing in the Chase race. Robby Gordon got bent over a chair big time - I am so hoping he beat the hell out of David Stremme. Bobby Labonte was super-pissed at David Ragan, but really, I didn't see that the child did anything intentionally, but I do love Labonte and was upset at his on-track reaction to the wreck - love ya, Bobby! He's a good man, great driver, and super hot. Here's to an exciting race on Sunday, without the disaster that Pocono was last week.


otin said...

I need to start watching these damn races again so that we can chat!!!!

darsden said...

your boy will be sucking my man's fumes...LOL

Hit 40 said...

Dirty old bastard!! He was not brave. Just a horny old guy looking for a reaction like he is the only one with a disco stick!!!!