Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sick People

Okay, I have issues today.

On the lighter side, this book was on this week's order list:

"Master Cleanse Experience: Day to Day Accounts of What to Expect and How to Succeed on the Lemonade Diet."

Yes, tax dollars are being spent on such a book. Sadly, many will check it out, mostly for the gross pictures that are included. We all know what that stuff looks like, do we really need to see it? Ugh.

On the not-so-light side - the Petland store at the mall near me is closed. We hear rumors about Petland all the time. Teenagers with double-digit IQs work there. We stop by often and pet the animals, coo at them, etc. My son is particularly fond of the birds. My mom bought her Cairn terrier there not so long ago. Last week some evil girl who worked there drowned two rabbits, had her supervisor take a picture, and posted it on her Facebook page. Rocket scientist that she is, she also commented that she was swearing at them because they wouldn't drown fast enough. A very few people have come to her defense, saying the rabbits were supposed to be euthanized because they were sick and attacking each other; but a vet was supposed to handle that in a gentler manner. The picture on Facebook - and now floating around the Net - is nasty, as she has an evil smile as she holds the dead rabbits up by her face. Her name is all over the place too, so not only is she out of a job, she will probably have more than a few people harassing her on a personal level. Bad enough for someone to behave like this towards defenseless animals entrusted to her care, but to flaunt it in a very public way is just stupid. Pride in that sort of behavior is sickening. Thoughtless cruelty to animals is unacceptable. Period. This girl should be sterilized - anyone who can do that to an animal should not be allowed to procreate her sick genetic makeup or have living beings under her watch. I am very concerned that my son will find this picture on the Net during his surfing; he is very sensitive about animals and would be very upset over it. I spent my time crying in the bathroom at work this morning over it, but I am a big girl and understand that this girl will be criminally prosecuted and clearly, is already publicly humiliated. My son, who is autistic, sees in tunnel vision and would be crushed and very disturbed by such a picture.
Quiz for the day - totally unrelated - name the great Confederate general pictured above.


rxBambi said...

That is just disgusting. My daughters are boycotting Pet Co because apparently when their animals are sick they freeze them to death. I can't stand hearing about animal abuse. I hope that girl spends a good amount of time in juvie (or jail if she's old enough). And the supervisor needs to be shot.

Hit 40 said...

Wow this is a long post!! Let me go pee. I'll be back.

Hit 40 said...

I have a student who does not like petland. I guess they breed their animals in a state with lax animal laws. The pets are sorted by grade A,B or C. "A" animals go to the pet store. "B" grade go to medical research and "c" are destroyed.

I have gotten all my pets at the pound. I DO NOT WANT TO ENCOURAGE PUPPY MILLS. There are enough unwanted pets without breeding more in terrible conditions.

otin said...

How can someone hurt an animal for pleasure? That is really sick!!!!!

Kelly's Ideas said...

It is horrible how cruel some people can be... On the lighter side you Dinner for Four Cat is just cracking me up!
Enjoyed your blog.

Pastor Sharon said...

Stonewall Jackson. . . .
Now about the rabbits, THAT IS EVIL! About the girl, STERILIZATION ISN'T ENOUGH! She needs an enormous dose of God in her life! God is love after all and if she felt His love, maybe she would realize her ways and something beautiful could come from, even her!

Pastor Sharon said...

In the meantime, I hope she doesn't go near animals or children or old people!