Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bobby Labonte

Yes, Otin, I did see that Labonte got ditched and someone involved must be legally insane. I actually screamed out loud when I saw that, and thought I had misread it until it showed up on Facebook, too. What is wrong with people?
Now, I don't have anything againt Erik Darnell, who sure knows how to rock the truck series, but when we talk Bobby Labonte, we talk champion; we talk bringing the Interstate Batteries 18 to the top for Coach Gibbs in 2000; we talk about Tony Stewart's Cup series mentor. Yes, he will be returning for five more races in the 96, but to pull him at all is like cutting off an arm. Sponsorship issues seem to be the reason, and that makes sense to some extent, but even though Darnell brings his sponsors with him, that doesn't mean he will rack up success in the seven races. That's a lot for a new kid in the big show. Yates claims intention to keep Labonte for another team next year; we'll have to see what happens.
I have Bobby Labonte 18 house shoes (like flip flops); a Bobby Labonte 18 keychain; and this lovely fish. Aside from being talented, smart, dedicated, hardworking, successful, and a family man, Labonte is hot hot hot hot. I love the Ask.com commercials where the mom in the NASCAR family is always drooling over him. I am so jealous because the actress got to grab his butt. I'd pay to do that job.


darsden said...

I am confused.. he got ditched? somebody replaced it or he got married and it was suppose to be hitched.. I read it twice..but Jeff Gordon wasn't mentioned so it was like bla bla bla...LOL

Bloggin Betty said...

You would get along well with my sister, Chief. Actually, with my bro-in-law Duke. I think I need to study up on my NASCAR!

Hit 40 said...

He is a cutie!! Did he get hitched to ... YOU!!! Wouldn't that be great.

otin said...

I hate it when classy people get hosed!!!!!!

Medora said...

I love Labonte. His brother is a great driver, too - I like it when he fills in. You're right, Otin, he is a class act and Yates should be thanking God that they have him. Whatever.

Oh, I wish I could marry him. I sure wouldn't send him home - but he's married, a good husband and father, and a good person. Someone will grab him - NASCAR-wise, I mean. I am sure he doesn't lack for women trying to grab him.