Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stay at Home Toolkit

Something given to us at work for the prevention/concerns of/regarding the swine and other flus. Priceless.

-Wash your hands for twenty seconds (sing Happy Birthday twice) before and after using the bathroom
-Avoid people with the flu
-One common reaction to the flu epidemic (and I use that term loosely, just as a quote from the pamphlet) : increased boredom
-Turn off the news on TV if it upsets your kids to hear about the flu
-Use trash bags to dispose of trash, including tissues for "respiratory secretions"
-If you own horses, make sure you have a manure fork
-There are times you may have to take an adult's temperature rectally
-If someone has convulsions, call 911
-Record the color of the sick person's urine


otin said...

Good advice! Washing hands is a must!

Ice Queen said...

I let you know where I fall on the color spectrum the next time I go...

Hit 40 said...

I will be more careful with my horse's manure. Thanks for the FYI :-)