Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My B and our giant Totoro, with another fan who bought her Totoro at the same time. We were screaming and jumping up and down. Only at DragonCon can you forge connections with total strangers over anime characters.


otin said...

I think that you can connect with strangers on some of those anime porn sites!!! :)

Hit 40 said...

Did your son stay at home? Your daughter is just too cute!!

...I am outta the anime loop here. What character is your daughter wearing? I know pokemon and yugio (sp?)

Medora said...

Otin is such a pervert.

No, Eileen, John went with us. We (he and I)went to a Warcraft party on Saturday night until almost one a.m. He was involved with a lot of gaming.

We are going back next year. Yay! Already have tickets and hotel booked.

Barbara was/is Sailor Moon. I made her costume. She'll wear it for Halloween, too. I'll be posting more pictures, and have to catch up on Facebook pic posting this weekend as well.