Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letterman's Big Breadstick

The big L lost his breadstick - Olive Garden ditched him after he ran his mouth about Sarah Palin's daughter. What a dirtbag. You wouldn't catch him saying anything against the little girls in the White House - and I would never advocate that sort of behavior towards children regardless of their parents' political stance - but for some reason, he felt it was appropriate to attack a teenage girl because he does not like her mother. Shame on you, Dave. I know this is a bit old, but the Olive Garden announcement just came out - so that's new.
Since writing this, I noticed that OG denies pulling ads from the Letterman show, but does not say they will continue to purchase ads for the next season. Apparently they had no more ads scheduled anyway, so this gives them time to bow out gracefully. No fun in that, is there?
Seriously - if someone made nasty jokes about my daughter, I'd let her take the .44 out back and she'd take care of herself, then I'd show up to Clorox the back patio. I know she looks cute, but . . .

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Hit 40 said...

I thought the letterman thing kinda showed how little news is going on right now. He said it during a slow news cycle which really screwed him