Thursday, June 25, 2009

Library Haiku, Part 1

This is for Hit 40, who may not be considering the downside to libraryland:

Ten bucks, no kidding
He offers for a blow job.
I'll call a guard, free.
Now, this was when I worked at the main library downtown - I am at a branch now, in a very conservative neighborhood with an older population, which is perfect for me - but is representative of some of the more uh, sticky situations one might find sitting at a public service desk at a library. I sat at the teen desk downtown when a homeless man from a nearby shelter stopped by to make the above offer. The officer on the phone at the security desk laughed and told me that the going rate for downtown Akron was $25. My son, top left with the box on his head, said, hey, you should ask for fifty. Nice. My own son is trying to pimp me out for the price of a video game.


Pastor Sharon said...

Don't you just hate it when your kids try to pimp you out?
However, that did make me laugh. . . the indecent proposal you had. Sorry for your encounter. I am assuming you didn't get assaulted.
I will make a mental note not to work for our big city library!

Hit 40 said...

I think you should have taken the ten. Good deal

otin said...

I know that in the 80's, blowjobs in NYC were going for $25! HA! Hit 40 add that to your roast!!!

Medora said...

I have standards, Hit 40, and an unwashed body does not meet those standards, not for any price. Yuck.

How does Otin know how much blow jobs were going for?

Sharon - I was almost assaulted a few times by women, but by that time the cop was there and grabbed them before they got to me. I can hold my own, though, so it wasn't too much of a big deal, but please, I'm a librarian, not a prison guard.

Michel said...

Okay, the post disturbed me, but then ONCE AGAIN, Otin had to up the ante and now I'm desperately searching for a pencil to jab my eyes out!

Maggie May said...

Hi, new here. Your job is AMAzING. I would like to get inside your mind and crawl around for a while absorbing all your thoughts. I am a writer and have to admit... I have not read HJ. There are so many geniuses to read, so many books! It makes me swoon to think of it. I just finished Burr, by Vidal, and Shipping News, by Proulx, and loved both- but especially Burr. I put it on my favorites on Goodreads. Anyhow lovely to meet you,


Hit 40 said...

I think I found another Ohio librarian. She has a save the Ohio library button.