Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ten Simple Things

Saw this on rxBambi's blog - seemed like an easy enough way to wrap up the work day before heading home to the treadmill and the kids. And cat friends and chinchillas, too, of course.

1. The ice cream truck. The whole business of it - hearing it before we see it, racing to dig up change, and running outside with the neighborhood kids to pick out something sweet and cold. Of course, I do this with my daughter - I'm not running around out there by myself. Not that I wouldn't without her, though.

2. Petting my cats at the end of a long day.

3. Good coffee. Skim milk, no sugar. Especially in the middle of a cold winter.

4. Conversations with my chinchillas. Don't ask.

5. Reading while on the treadmill.

6. Iced tea with lemon.

7. Just lemons.

8. Sleeping with my daughter -she is warm and soft and still likes me.

9. The really obnoxious comic at the back of m magazine. I always color copy it and keep them in a purple folder.

10. Watching races with my dad. I will never be to old for that.


Otin said...

I can't read on a treadmill, it gives me a headache. I also love my cat! Cats are the coolest pets!

Hit 40 said...

How can OTIN comment before me!!! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!

I like the ice cream truck but not the obnoxious music.

I like coffee with organic half and half AND sugar.

I need to look back a post... I am guessing the rat was a chinchilla??

Hit 40 said...

wow - Otin and bambi were having trying to have a 3 way with your comments the other night!!!


Medora said...

Yes, she is NOT a rat, but a chinchilla, or as we call her, a giant mouse friend.

Organic? You eat organic stuff? Wow. You've evolved or something.

Cats are the best! I love them more than people - except for my kids.