Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wally's and Annoyances

Six small things that make me cranky, inspired by Hit 40:

1. Competition yellows.

2. Small noises - humming, clicking, tapping, etc. I will hurt you if you do any of these around me. Sighs included.

3. Chattering. Shut up already.

4. Perky people.

5. Sticky anything.

6. Stupidity. No patience for morons.

Oh, six already? I think I could continue . . .

This photo is for Hit 40 - Wally Waffle in Tallmadge, on its last legs.


Hit 40 said...


I will so shout this out tomorrow!!

Hit 40 said...

By the way, she is not BS'ing us with her degrees!!! The damn bitch almost got a perfect on the ACT!!!

I have no idea what I could have got on the ACT. I was drunk and... did not care.

otin said...

Oh, your answers are right up my alley lol!

Michel said...

Okay, so I totally love being one of your first threes of followers !HA!

However, based on things that make you cranky - you might not actually like ME! I'm kinda fidgetey, chatterey, and sometimes even stupidey. However, I am not now and never will be PERKY and/or Sticky. (unless there's caramel around and then I think that is - frankly - justifiable.)

Ice Queen said...

I'd have to agree with your list...although I have no complaints about a good sticky bun! MMM

otin said...

Just give Michel a piece of cake and she will not say a word, it's like giving Scooby Doo Scooby snacks lmao!

Medora said...

I had the same hangover you did when we took the ACT - so that's no excuse! And you are just as smart as I am!

Medora said...

Thanks guys for all the comments!