Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A former boss of mine used to go out of his way to pee in the 'executive' restroom on the floor above us. I asked him why he would make this effort, especially in an emergency. He smiled smugly and said, "networking." Gross. Haiku inspiration!
Urinating in
the executive restroom -
It's called networking.
I hate this Burger King guy - he scares me. There are always a lot of Burger King commercials during the NASCAR races, and I have to cover my eyes.


Hit 40 said...

LOL!!! Does he feel like he has something to show off in the restroom?? Or does leaving his scent/ marking his territory make his feel more at home.

Hit 40 said...


I liked how quiet the house was in the middle of the woods. Waking up to the birds, windows wide open at night with only the sound of crickets, ... very peaceful.

The Knitter of Knowledge said...

The Burger King guy totally freaks me out tooo! He's so scary, especially in the commercial where the guy wakes up and sitting there in the bedroom reading to hand him breakfast. Creeeepppy.
Thanks for commenting on my fashion...I love love that skirt...savers is awesome for unique finds!

Medora said...

I agree, Hit 40 - I loved staying over at your house. Mine was very noisy - near the highway, lots of traffic.

Knitter - I hate that commercial. Like the King is some sort of pervert watching people sleep. Dork.