Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fireworks, for Real This Time

Here are the fireworks for Eileen, from lovely downtown Akron. In the first one, my daughter is the second from the left - work summary from jazz class, last Friday. Will snap some pics of the Circle today, too, when I'm not busy getting ready to ditch work early - I have Mario Kart tournament to run first - and head to Sharon Speedway for the race tonight - with Tony and Kasey Kahne, and Dave Blaney. Yee ha!

Otin - I actually like Kyle Busch - he reminds me of Tony ten years ago. Temper temper! He's a great driver and I expect him to win a championship or two down the road - and I wouldn't expect him to be happy about how Saturday night's race ended. He was going to Victory Lane to 'talk' to Tony after he got out of his car - and four officials had to restrain him and direct him to the med. Tony would have, and has done, the same thing a few years ago, and maybe now.

On the other hand, I can't stand Kurt Busch. I met him last year and got his autograph - how could I not? - and he was very nice. My mom said, he's so nice, why don't you like him? Maybe because he is a jerk - Tony punched him two Februarys ago, in the NASCAR trailer, when Kurt messed with him on the track, so Tony's not above taking it out back. But what happens in the trailer stays in the trailer, so no video or pics - unfortunately. There are a lot of vids and pics of Tony going off on other drivers in the past 15 years, so there's plenty of testosterone to love. Kurt is a good driver, too, I will give him that, but I don't know that he doesn't play dirty if he can get away with it. Not as bad as Jimmie Johnson, but then he and his crew chief are the masters of cheating. A couple of little girls if you ask me. I like a man to be a man, but play it straight and win fairly. Kick some ass if you have to, but if you have to cheat, you might as well be wearing pink underwear.

Eileen - you don't let your kids have sparklers? What in the heck? And they're boys? And the dog treats are only for potty rewards. My parents are very strict with this dog - he is a Cairn terrier and they are very difficult to train. Which is why I don't want a dog - but who else is there to dogsit but me? I expect to be drinking heavily when they return.


Hit 40 said...

Your parents should buy you the liquor!! Your a great daughter - I would so sneak the dog treats while they were gone.

I love a good fight too!!! They should hide cameras in the trailers at the track.

I have to add - adorable pic again of your daughter!!!!

Medora said...

Thanks - the B is adorable, but looks can be deceiving at times. She's a good girl, though. I am lucky to have two great kids, who happen to be brilliant and attractive in spite of their genetic relation to me.

Otin said...

Nice pics! Kyle Bush is a cocky s.o.b!! I know that he is good, but I just cannot deal with the ego!

Medora said...

Ego? Tony has a monster ego. I think you have to in order to compete like they do.