Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So I get home from work, at like 8:45 tonight, and the baby B (working the watermelon, at right) has a friend over and she is apparently spending the night. Littlest Pet Shop toys are all over the bedroom floor. I am trying to complete some research (dissertation research is perfect for the summer when I don't have actual homework) and the larger cat friend, Dinner for Four in China, comes and parks her fat furry butt on my keyboard - again. I now have fur in my iced tea. I can't find the lemon for the tea that I know I bought over the weekend. I got an email from DragonCon that says they are going to try to break a world's record for the most Thriller dancers, and would I like to participate? They must be kidding. I haven't done that dance since junior high, and I sure didn't do it well then. I am concentrating on the B's Sailor Moon costume for the convention, I don't want to worry about dancing while I'm there. Before I left work, a sixteen year old boy asked for my phone number. Wonders never cease. Hope everyone has a lovely evening.


Hit 40 said...

Gosh its killing me trying to remember that movie where the kid wants to do the older woman??? Someone will type it for us.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Do it!! Dance like no one's watching... ;)

The movies Hit40 are trying to think of are 'The Graduate', 'Class', or 'The Good Girl'...those are the only ones I can think of... :)

Pastor Sharon said...

Wow, you couldn't find those lemons because my son and I were eating them right about the time you were posting this!!! LOL