Sunday, July 12, 2009

Long Weekend

Yes, the parents returned home, with my oldest nephew in tow - he is the best behaved of my brother's spawn - so we are free of the evil dog issues now, but I did have the B's friend Logan over for two nights. They are both good girls, but it was tiring. I was never like this as a girl. I was very serious, at least I have been told so. They are very giggly and loud and I ran out of Pamprin. My ex-husband was kind enough - or held a great interest in self-preservation - and made a late night Rite Aid run for female medication so I could keep my eye on Chicagoland last night. My son has been hiding in his room - which he does most of the time, anyway - quite successfully all weekend. He did come out for a short while to show me some Shadowgate vids on YouTube, as well as some farting vids advertising something appalling called The Pooter. Look it up, I dare you.

Logan was trying to teach the B how to dive at the Nat yesterday, while it thunderstormed like a fiend outside. I love summer storms. I think it was all that kept me from biting anyone yesterday.

One of my editors is having a COW and I am wrestling with research, so it will be a long night. Did I mention this particular deadline is in DECEMBER so why oh why is she worked up now? I am a research hound - obviously - so it's easy for me to placate her but it seems unnecessary at this very moment. I need to sleep. And eat lots of Pamprin. And move to Tahiti. Oh, no, I forgot, they have giant poisonous centipedes in Tahiti. I am terrified of centipedes.


darsden said...

The girls look like they are having a blast! I hope you feel better...december!

Tony needs to fire the lug nut NUT! thats crazy!

Medora said...

The boy in charge of the nuts needs a good talking too - I hope Tony sets him straight the good old fashioned way.

Hit 40 said...

I remember you being quiet. You always enjoyed anything that I was getting in trouble with at school or home.

Your daughter looks absolutely full of energy and happiness. Just wonderful!!!