Saturday, July 4, 2009

Holiday Nails

For Eileen - the fingernails haven't held up well, but her toenails, which were painted and decorated by her friend Savannah yesterday, are quite a work of art.

For those interested - a plate race involves the mandated use of an aluminum plate to interfere with speed levels at the superspeedways at Daytona and Talladega. With it, cars hit around 190, without it, the record is 228. There were several serious accidents that precipitated this rule, but the bottom line is our boys can't race like they want. The aerodynamics at these tracks are perfect for drafting, which pulls cars along at faster speeds and requires some clever and intelligent use of physical laws. The manipulation of these laws, which vary from driver to driver and crew chief to crew chief, are fascinating.
Racing isn't as simple as it looks most of the time. The more you know about it, the more interesting it is, like most things.

Eileen - the deleted comment was just some strange gobbledygook. Whoever it was was not a native speaker of English and it was indecipherable - kind of like spam. My other blog is set for comment moderation before posting because I have a huge spam problem over there.

Swimming now, in spite of the overcast sky and cold water. Even the sand pit is cold! It's great to be outside, though, and there is a nice, gentle breeze. I wish I could go to my grandma's and sit out on her back patio. We used to have our Fourth of July picnics over there. I am sure she is celebrating in her own way.

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rxBambi said...

thanks for explaining the plates.
spent many days with nails like that! gotta lovr having daughters ;)

Hit 40 said...

I got a strange one too yesterday. I left it. I figure deleting them will encourage them to leave even more to be an asshole.

I was a little freaked a while back by a blog that did a mean post on my mothers day thoughts. The ass only had like 5 followers. I didn't leave a comment or delete his. I was right that ignoring him made him go away. Same thing works in the classroom. Just ignore negative behavior - it stops.

Her nails are cute!!!

Michel said...

That totally reminds me! I need to get my toes done - i should expand that - I NEED to get my feet done.

Josh can't know what they REALLY look like. DOOH!

PS I can't keep polish on my nails either.

PPS I like how you carry on conversations with Hit40 on your blog

PPS you need to attach an email address with your comments on people's blogs, because SOME PEOPLE have a lotta things to say to your comments. Some of them do

PPPS. some people might be me

PPPPS Okay, I'm done.

Michel said...

WAIT! no I wasn't. I also have been getting comments that say come visit my blog. Clearly, they have no idea how lazy I am. OR, how stubborn and contrary.

They'll learn.

ALSO, I remember that guy who was mean on Hit40's blog! I also hate him.

Medora said...

Yeah, the one I deleted said something about coming to visit his blog. Scam - I don't think I'll be visiting anytime soon. I only visit cool people's blogs.