Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Some people take their cosplay a bit too seriously.
We are headed for DragonCon in September, and I am making a Sailor Moon costume for my daughter. Who is 9. Then again, I might be dressed as Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket (my favorite anime/manga), so I guess I can't talk about Mr. Fat Pika here. The schoolgirl outfits are rather expensive, so I may not go all out to be Tohru. I can always be Princess Leia, like I was for Halloween in fourth grade - remember, Eileen? I was the only one who didn't have to use pantyhose to create the sidebuns for the hair.


Hit 40 said...

I do remember your star wars look. Very nice. Where is DragonCon at? This sounds a hell of a lot more fun than the BlogHer convention a lot of women are going to.

Medora said...

DragonCon is in Atlanta every year. Here is the site:

We have been wanting to go for years. Thanks to my tax refund this past spring, we are going! Should be very hot, tiring, and fun.

Hit 40 said...

Tax refund??? Excellent. Tom and i get to pay out the ass to Uncle Sam.

You will definitely have days/weeks of blog material out of this trip

Ice Queen said...

I love how his buttons are bursting at the seams.