Monday, July 13, 2009

Sand Dollar Cookies

Made by the B. My ex-husband bought me a new Webkinz today while I was at work. It is a guinea pig and his name is Pasquale. I'm not obviously Italian . . . My other three Webkinz are cats - Brownie, Charkie, and Layla, so Pasquale is the odd man out. I bought him a race car bed for his room, and a trampoline for his yard. Cuteness!
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darsden said...

Yummie I will be happy to take some of those off your hands :-))

Oh My you can keep the guinea though!

rxBambi said...

I'm so confused. What does a sand dollar cookie have to do with Pasquale?

Medora said...

Sorry to confuse you - just being rabid and posting in a hurry from my phone. They have nothing to do with each other.

The gp is super cute - I am sleeping with it tonight. My daughter has a new Webkinz, too - it is a dragon and his name is Puff. He is sleeping with us too - along with about thirty or so other stuffed animals. Did I mention that we share a twin bed? No rest for the wicked, as my grandma would say!

Hit 40 said...

No you did not say that you share a twin bed!!! Wow I don't know how you get any sleep.

Medora said...

I don't sleep, Eileen. I never have. I'm too hyper.