Sunday, July 26, 2009

Flannery O'Connor

I was so excited at Mass this morning - my favorite of the Gospels (John) was in the spotlight, and Father talked about the actual writing style of the Gospel, and how it is different from the other three. He talked about Flannery O'Connor, and how her storytelling method was/is a lot like John's. I thought I was dreaming - I adore O'Connor, not just because she was a Catholic writer who really got it, but because she was a great storyteller, too. I also love learning about the Bible as a work of literature and craft, so the writing perspective is all good with me.

Off to the Italian festival and swimming with the baby B (seen at right, exercising her Second Amendment rights), and more games with John later. Thanks to those who have emailed me with good wishes for him - he is doing very well and is beating me, as usual, in Mario Kart 64.


otin said...

I wish that I could go to the Italian festival! (Yes, I am Italian) What time is the brickyard?

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

The Italian festival sounds like fun! I wish I could go...even though I'm not Italian! ;)