Friday, July 3, 2009

Order List

This week's strange order list books:
Goat Song: A Seasonal Life, a Short History of Herding, and the Art of Making Cheese
The Complete Guide to Upholstery
I suspect Eileen might be fascinated by the second one, but really, the first? I admit I go to the county fair every year, and we do show our chinchillas there - and yes, my son was in 4H and showed rabbits when he was much younger - but goats? Those things usually end up eating someone's clothes when we aren't paying attention at the fair (because we are busy stuffing our faces with cheese on a stick or deep fried vegetables, never mind the lemonade and fries).
I am running away from serving the public information needs this afternoon to watch my daughter's work summary dance performance. The pic above is from her WS in May - she was in the midst of a tap duet with her friend Kimberly.
Eileen - what kind of flowers are in the second pic? These are right beside the library at KSU. I always take pictures of flowers wherever I go, so I couldn't not take these. The color was very striking.


otin said...

Your daughter is obviously not camera shy! I was never very photogenic when I was a kid!

Hit 40 said...

At first glance, I thought the flowers were poppies. But, when I clicked for a closer look, the foliage is not poppy. I am thinking it is a very special single flower peony. Ask your dad for us. He is also a flower nerd.

And your daughter is always just beautiful!!! Her pic caught my eyes way more than the flowers.

Michel said...

those are great pics. AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitty pics! And I'm not even a kitty person!

Medora said...

Otin - are you saying that you are photogenic now? Your backhoe sure is!

Oh, yeah, I have to ask my dad - he'll want to go out the university and take his own pictures. My mom will not be happy. She wants him home working on their garden.

Thanks for loving my kitty pics - my cat and chinchilla friends keep me entertained, as do my kids. That's what they are for!

rxBambi said...

I love the flowers too! Great photo!

mwiyono said...
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Hit 40 said...

You got to remove a comment. Creepy!!!

I want pics of the nails.